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Nos Produits
  • Printed circuits from single side to multilayers.

We make your PCB with your specifications and the thickness you need.
Copper's thickness can either be standard or to your specifications:

- the standard green solder resist can be transparent or any other colour (white, black, red.. etc).
- The silkscreen colour can also be standard white or any colour you choose.

  • We make ALL types of printed circuit finition.

Your PCB finition will be prepared with:
- Pure Tin HAL –ROHS
- Chemical Nickel/Gold – ROHS
- Chemical Tin– ROHS
- Chemical Silver – ROHS
- Pure gold on copper - ROHS
- Electrolytic Nickel/Gold - ROHS
If you do not require ROHS, your printed circuits will be made with remelted Tin-Lead.

  • Quality control

From the most simple to the most complex, your printed circuits will be electrically tested both in isolation and continuously.
Our flying probe test use your specifications to guarantee conformity.